LANCE's [ temp ] tattoos

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Lindsay, Mar 3, 2004.

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    From LANCE's Website:

    :: LA's [ temp ] tattoos

    3/3 ~ A lot of you have asked what the temporary tattoos are that Lance has in his latest Nike
    commercial - here's the haps: First off, there's a large "Big Tex" on his upper left arm with a TX
    Longhorn under it - no big mystery there. The one on his right pec has the letters "MJ" - any
    guesses?.......... if you said "Mellow Johnny" you'd be correct, referencing the nickname given to
    him by friends referring to the Maillot Jaune (Yellow Jersey). Finally, there's one more on his
    right interior forearm, and it's a cannon. LA being right handed, he'd of course jab with the
    left, and then here comes the cannon! - all in good fun - and now you know...

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    Cool. I *was* wondering. Thanks for posting that.