[langtitle=da]Elite Real Tour VS Tacx I-magic[/langtitle]


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Jun 25, 2010
[lang=da]Hey guys.

I want to buy an turbo trainer, and it looks like its gonna be one of the two mentioned... The reason for that is that I want to experience the reallife video training...

So, I don't know which one to get, here's what I like and dislike about the two trainers:

Real Tour:
+ The interface looks cool
+ Better costumers service (?)
+ Good brand / quality
% No 3d-race
% Not that many routes

+ 3d-races
+Online racing
+good variety of courses to ride
% Terrible community+ costumer service
% bad software and many things not working as it should?

So I would really like some inputs on what I should get and WHY !


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