Laos Unicycle Tour- Late Jan/Early Feb 2006

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    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to announce that we will be organising a 10-12 day unicycle
    tour through Laos in early 2006.

    It will be a supported tour- run by a professional tour company, guides,
    a support vehicle carrying our gear, and prebooked accomodation.

    I'm hoping for a group of 12 Unicyclists on Cokers. It will be both an
    adventure and a cultural experience. Imagine touring through sleepy
    villages in a never before unicycled country, kids running out, giggling
    and waving as we go past.

    It follows on from my Cambodia trip- where I unicycled 500km from
    Vietnam to Cambodia to raise money for OXFAM. That has been one of the
    best experiences I've ever had, and I'm keen to take a big group of
    unicyclists with me this time.

    Please indicate your interest by emailing me ken.looi at gmail dot

    More details up shortly.



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