Lars Bak and Luke Roberts are toast

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.rides' started by RicodJour, Apr 4, 2006.

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    > Well, maybe not, but those layoffs have to come from somewhere. It'll
    > be interesting to see if a buyer of CSC feels cycling is marketing
    > money well spent.

    Great. My sister also works for CSC, and is more likely to be affected.

    Here's a question, though. Of the Tour de France teams, Discovery (formerly
    US Postal) gets the most US attention as an "American" team. But CSC has an
    American sponsor (in fact, CSC has some number of US defense contracts).
    Liberty Seguros is also part of an American company (Liberty Mutual, which I
    have auto insurance with). Doesn't it seem odd that these companies don't
    do more to publicize this connection in the US?