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    Posted on Fri, Nov. 07, 2003

    Clear Channel moves to woo bicyclists Associated Press

    SAN ANTONIO -Clear Channel Communications has joined forces with the League of American Bicyclists
    to promote cycling.

    That's after some on-air personalities at Clear Channel radio stations had suggested mayhem against

    In recent months, broadcasts in Houston, Cleveland and Raleigh, N.C., included suggestions to throw
    bottles at riders, hit them with open car doors and blast horns. Listeners called in to agree, vent
    and share stories.

    In announcing the alliance on Thursday, officials for the nation's largest radio group said they
    will tolerate no more anti-bicyclist rhetoric by its disc jockeys.

    "We look forward to a very productive partnership with this important organization, focused on
    promoting safe conditions for bicyclists," John Hogan, president of the company's 1,200-station
    radio division, said in an e-mail.

    Representatives with American Bicyclists, which represents more than 300,000 riders, met with
    officials at Clear Channel's San Antonio headquarters Wednesday to air concerns about "shock jocks"
    encouraging motorists to harass cyclists.

    Clear Channel said the comments were not meant to be serious. The company has issued an apology and
    has disciplined some employees, including firing a Houston producer.

    Also, all three stations have since started running public service announcements to educate drivers
    about bicycle safety.

    Clear Channel stations have promoted or helped sponsor bicycling events for years - more than 100
    since 2002.

    The company even had a team of riders in this year's Bike to the Beach ride from San Antonio to
    Corpus Christi to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

    The cycling group and company officials intend to meet again early next year to discuss
    further steps.

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Not open for further replies.