LBS praise


Henry Lockwood

Just a quick post in praise of an LBS in Cambridge. The establishment
is Cycle Logical, on Mill Road (just out of town over the railway

I took my Trek in, as the thumb shifter on the Sora control had
snapped off in a crash. While previously I'd been told (at other
establishments) "oh, you'll have to leave it with us, while we order
the parts and wait for them to arrive, then I'll see when I can get
round to it", the chap said "Hmm, let's have a look. I don't have the
parts in stock; do you want to order them or shall I?". I did so,
took the bike and new part in yesterday, and he did the work in an
afternoon. Helpful, competent service, and a recommendation from me.

In terms of buying new kit, he seems to cater to the family/student
pseudo-MTB range, with no "serious" bikes (though he does have a few
foldies). No road bikes, and not a huge range of parts.