Learnig To BC?

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    Ok so... i've just order some of ntappins sexy new plates and i have a
    rim at home sitting there waiting to get thrashed and i'm so pumped...
    any suggestions for leaning to BC? lol i had to get one of my own cause
    none of my buddies have them... thanks


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    You gotta relise that almost every unicycle has been asked on here at
    some point in time (ive seen threads that date back 13 years:eek: ) and
    they have all been answered before too.

    So just taking a quick min. to use the search then look through a few
    pages will be all you need to do.

    Oh, and for some advice, search-wise, i find it a lot better when you
    do a search, after its done searching, go to the very last page and
    then go through them backwards, i always find really really good
    information on the old posts =p


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    Here is a detailed step by step guide:
    1. Put both feet on and hold one to 2 objects on both sides, like
    2. Push off evenly and lean forward a little.
    3. Ride 3 feet and fall over.
    4. Repeat about 50 times.
    5. 360 off a table.

    Not trying to be mean but also use the search, I know I have typed up
    better tips over and over again.


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