Learning to ride on a Coker (Day 12-16 Mar)

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    No riding on Monday, but I was back out there today. I tried
    to stay as far away from the wall as possible and I am
    slowly but surely weaning myself off it. I managed without a
    shoulder to lean on, but with a helping hand.

    I'm up to 7 to 8 pedal pushes without touching the wall.
    Then I run out of paving and have to turn around. I think I
    need a bigger garden! On the plus side I fell off sideways
    and have a few spoke burns on my right ankle. It was kind of
    funny, I went down and tried to pull my hand free but Leslie
    kept pulling it higher, probably to try to keep me on my
    feet. I was so busy falling and trying to stay out of the
    way of the wheel and the cranks I forgot to yell "leggo". OH
    - the positive bit - I got right back on without missing a
    beat. I think I'm over my fear of falling. Wearing all my
    safety gear certainly helps with confidence, though.

    At the very end of my session the 4YO came along to "help".
    She wanted me to hold her hand, as it was "her turn". She is
    shorter than the wheel on the coker. With her arm stretched
    right up I could just manage to hold her hand without
    leaning sideways. Needless to say I was too worried about
    falling on her to ride. However, we did take some pictures.
    If they come out OK I'll post them sometime.


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  2. Now that you are getting 7-8 revs, I'll share a "cheat" with you that
    should get you riding inside a day:

    Throw your knees. How: Stomp down with your right foot and
    throw your left knee towards the right. This should turn you
    5-20 degress to the right. Then "answer" it by stomping with
    the left foot, and throwing your right knee to the left.
    This should turn you straight or to the left.

    Do this over and over. You will have what I call a
    "forced wobble."

    Remember to miss of few mounts (intentially step over the
    unicycle) so that your mindset will be to lean forward.
    Also, now would be a good time to practice freemounting
    without the intention of riding away. Just do 20 freemounts
    with no support before each session.

    Then, use this knee throwing to zig zag (advanced riders
    seem to use the same method for climbing). That should help
    you break 50 yards, and soon you will be able to stay on
    until you're exhausted. At that point, learn to relax and
    "learn to remember to ride off."

    This "cheat" is to get you to the point that you can ride -
    once you can "ride" you will be able to do 8 miles in 8
    days or less.

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