Learning to use rollers


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Jan 2, 2019
I've watched all the "first time on rollers" youtubes, where people magically start balancing on their 3rd or 4th try. I am on about 20th and still not safe. I have 2 weeks left to return the Tacx rollers to Amazon. Is it my weight? Are there any 250 pound people successful on rollers?


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Mar 30, 2007
I've weighed as high as 240 and played on my roller every winter. Put yourself between a door frame to help get more comfortable and don't death grip the bars. You can use the door frame as support, and lean into it slightly if you start to drifting to close to going off the rollers. Make sure your in an easy gear but not easy enough where your spin like a hamster on a wheel. Just be comfortable, confident, relaxed, and don't over think it. I expect you've ridden your bike outside and have gone in a straight line, it's no different. It will come to you very soon.


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Feb 3, 2008
Rollers are over rated. The whole spinning fast and sweating buckets does nothing but teacher you how to mop and how to pedal fast.

Get a trainer and do some real work. Tacx make some very nice trainers.

If you have the cash, get a smart trainer and hook it upto the computer or phone/tablet and either do something like Zwift, go ride some virtual courses in far off lands or just use apps like TrainerRoad to govern you training session and make your training sessions less fuss and more useful.

If the budget is more modest, go for an old school wind or magnetic trainer. Much better for getting fit that a set of rollers.

If your goal is to ride rollers and look cool to whomever walks past, then stick with the rollers but beware the feeling of desperation when one of your friends or children jumps on your bike and look comfortable at their first go within a minute or two.