LeBron James: a typical teenager physique?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Shinino, Nov 4, 2003.

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    I recently saw LeBron James on TV and was amazed by how athletic he
    is. His jumping ability reminds me of Dominique Wilkins, the “Human HighLight Film” who
    had one of the best vertical leaps that I’ve ever seen in a Basketball player.

    There is another attribute that is “impressive” about LeBron James. It was only until I
    heard a quote from a fellow NBA player “he’s built like a man”, that I noticed
    how well built he is. Out of all the NBA players who came straight out of high-school (Kobe Bryant,
    KG, T-Mac etc) he’s probably one of the most “jacked up” player that I’ve
    ever seen.

    I am often amazed at how big American/European kids are compared to their oriental counterparts. It
    maybe genetics and exercise but I can’t help but think that diet plays a role in their
    development. Have there always been kids in America who are as big and have well built muscles like
    LeBron James, or is he a one-off? Or is it just gym exercises and genetics?