LED bicycle lights


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Aug 1, 2013
  LED bicycle lights, the 1990s new flat panel display, high brightness, clear picture, colorful and welcomed by the people. Full color LED display using the principle of the three primary colors, red, green, blue LED light superimposed to produce color effects; single primary color of true color LED lights display for each 8-bit grayscale, or single-pixel 24-bit RGB binary number. The image source of LED control system is generally a digital signal in real time, to achieve a smooth video display, it is imperative high refresh frequency of the image signal transmitted in real time in accordance with the corresponding pixel of LED headlights, when a display resolution is large, the transmission system bandwidth demand is huge. Ethernet is a network standard common life, existing Ethernet technology is applied to LED screen transmission system, to simplify both the difficulty of system design, reduce the design cycle, but also conducive to the formation of the transmission standard of LED headlights control system.   Gigabit Ethernet LED current control system is limited to using a single transmission medium, not a collection of low-cost advantages of fiber-optic long-distance transmission and twisted-pair network. In order to solve such problems through research Gigabit Ethernet [1] protocol, analysis of the similarities and differences of the two transmission media Gigabit Ethernet transmission details 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-LX physical layer signal transmission designed based on two standard media converters, and applied to LED transmission system. Transmission frame structure and image data chip cache on the FPGA master controller design, the main analysis.

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