Left Knee Pain

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by sergen, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Over the last week I've started to notice a slight pain in my left knee. I noticed it for the first time last week after a long climbing route that I have done twice before in the past. The pain wasn't too bad on the bike itself but was very noticable several hours later when I had come off the bike. I took 2 recovery days after doing this ride as my HR went through the roof - during these 2 days the pain went away.

    I did another day of climbing today on 2 small mountains that are both 4 miles long and both average 5.5% - 6%. Again, the pain was noticable but certainly not agonising. And again, it became worse several hours after I had finished my ride.

    I do not believe that any of the following could be factors;

    - gearing not low enough for the hills. I have a 30x27 at my disposal and have done climbs of this length and gradient a few times in the past without feeling this pain

    - saddle height incorrect. I checked my saddle height and it is still 72.5 cms from the BB as it should be

    - cleats wrongly positioned. Again, I haven't changed the position of the cleats on my shoes although it is possible that they could have moved slightly as I have had to do more walking than I should have in these shoes.

    If anybody can throw any ideas into the mix I'd be most grateful!

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    Hi i had a very similar knee problem, causing just an irritation andthe pain was almost a sore burning sensation and was caused in very similar circumstances to yours; it was bursities (hope i spelt that right). Anyway, the bursier sacs that are around the knee and help to lubricate and generally stop joint friction became inflamed. I ride with a chiropractor and he advised me to avoid hard routes if poss, spin as much as poss and ice often up to 15 mins every hour when poss and definatly after a ride. I also took a supplement called Neovite, which i had taken before when i was on the British judo squad and carried hundreds of little niggly injuries; its great for recovary and all sports man , you should check the webbsite out loads of atheletes are using this probuct now www.neovite.com (if not try neovite in the Uk) . It took about 3 weeks to totally disapear but i have been told it can take upto 8, and since i have not had another attack. Well hope you heal quick, Bonne courage!! nath1