Leg Cramps?


New Member
Jul 8, 2004
I am getting leg cramps as I start to increase the length of my rides. I can't tell if I am just tired, as I increase distance, or am bonking, due to lack of something (water, carbs, protein, etc.).

Any suggestions?
You will generally be able to tell if you have bonked. Cramps can be a number of factors. Fitness, lack of salts, lack of hydration, eating a food which doesn't work for you (that happened to me with some energy gels once, now I just eat pikelets or friut bars - much better), poor bike position, lack of stretching can all have effects.
No, bonking is not the same thing as leg cramps. Bonking is when you are totally out of energy and you couldn't pedal your way out of a wet paper bag for a million dollars.

Cramping is usually from being dehydrated. Though there have been times where I have taken in plenty of water and still cramped. On days over 80 degree's I put a little salt in my water. I've also seen guys lick there forearms on rides to try and get the salt back in there system. I don't know the health risks of that, I'm no doctor.

Good luck...cramps are the worst!