leg shaving HELP!


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May 1, 2004
do you guys shave or wax? becuase i shaved for the first time yesterday, and today? ouch! it hurts! Yesterday afterwards, my legs were dead smooth, but now, i can feel the little tiny hairs and it hurts! And especially when i get the goosebumps it feels like a million needles in my legs! why is this happening? Now i feel inclined to let the hair just grown out again b/c of the pain! its not razor burn or anything like that, it feels like a needle sticking into every single hair folical/pore. HELP! thanks for any and all advice.
It's the first time u shave. No problemo, it will get better with time (the discomfort is always bad w/ the first shave of the season). Shave after a hot shower. Use a moisturizing cream after the shave. Ask female significant other for more tips! :)

As for the hair growing back, depends on how much of a he-man you are. 3 shaves a week keeps my legs smooth enough.

Welcome to the elite - men who shave their legs! :>
Your legs will get used to having steel scraped against them, just hang in there.

I find that a lufa on the legs feels good while taking a shower and it helps keep those ingrown hairs (red bumps) away.

Yep...you'll have to get used to it. It's been a twice a week ritual since 1988!! :D
I have the same problem as you since I have very thick hair on my legs and very dry skin. I used to shave mine twice a week, so I end up with irritated skin and a lot of painful in-grown hair (in spite of the moisturizing lotion).

So what I found out is that scrubing my legs once a week and shaving them only once a week helps me to calm down the feeling of the growing hair and this solved the in-grown problem too. For example, what I do is scrubing on Thursday, shaving on Saturday and the moisturizing cream daily. This works great for me.

There is not a "formula", every one is different, so I will recommend you to try different things and methods till you feel comfortable with what you choose to do.

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Yep, GERARDO is right. Don't shave but once or twice a week, and apply moisterizer afterward. (My wife told me about that one).

Also, try the Mach3 Turbo razor. It has an open back, so hairs don't clog up between the razor face and the plastic back, and it's easier to rince the hairs out after a pass over your leg.
I too have had issues with ingrown hairs. I only shave once a week and this has helped keep the ingrown hairs to a lesser amount. I also use Trader Joe's mango shaving cream (moisterizes and allows the razor to glide smooth, smells good too). My wife has suggested the scrub method to minimize this issue. I have not yet tried it, but I will now. I only add moisterizer after a shave.
By the way it is hilarious to hear guys talking about shaving legs, but thanks for the advice - hopefully I can get rid of the ingrown hairs now.
I'm "little" afraid of the pain of waxing Kate, It really hurt?. How often you do it?....

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