Leg Shaving



Been reading all the reasons/excuses cyclists have for shaving their legs! All seem valid reasons. ::) Do you guys think maybe, for the same reasons, we should get the Springboks to shave THEIR legs next time they meet the All Blacks? :eek: (Only kidding ;D ;D ;D)
this could be a topic. What Cyclists do and what they mean.

Leg Shaving - Iv got better looking legs than you
Look at My big muscles
Im a pro

;D ;D ;D ;D
its cominig up too winter now and that means i need all the warmth that i can get in my legs so bring on the hair 8) 8)
As i have stated Im 28 and been riding since 1985..i grew up in the south east USA down there it was like you were a man by the amount if hair you had on your body lol..and then every girl will tell you a hairy man is nasty (laugh)...I caught lots of **** for my leg shaving as a kid..but as i got older it was kinda cool..girls would ask me if i shaved my legs..and i said "yea sure" proudly..and then follow up with "what razor do you use" made lots of freinds that way (laugh) ::)Im so used to doing it now i feel dirty if i dont do it..I reccommend Edge shaving gel and slim twin razors. ButI am very thankfull my Fiancee is kind enough to rub my legs when im moaning like a sissy after hard rides :)...and oil on your legs with no hair feels much better.. people say non hair keeps a wound clean so its preventitive medicine I can agree with that..I have a question for you guys that no one ever told me.
Ever notice in races you see pro's riding in 30 degree temps bare legged..sure they have on coats and things and I know they use heating cream,,,but Ive never had any cream that was THAT GOOD..I dont like tights so much simply because they bind in the crotch or get caught on the edge of your seat which can be embarassing ;D But i wear them because when your legs are cold and the muscles cant carry out demands on them because the muscles dont move and are cold and cramp..that hurts and tendonitis sucks I know sadly..anyway If anyone knows a very powerful brand of warming leg cream let me know!
Thanks! ;D
well i sometimes use a cream as a warm down after a hard trainging session and it leaves the legs like new. it would certainly warm up the muscles in your legs. its realy nice (warm and massaging) its call Sports Lavit Muscle cream. but i dont know where you get it/if you can get it in the USA :)
I used hair removing cream the first time. It worked great - but the smell!! :eek: :eek: Shaving works well on a regular basis, it's just the hair grows back so soon. :mad: I have since tried home Waxing. :'( It is not that painfull but I cant seem to do it properly. :p Especially on my knees. I still have all the hair left. Any suggestions? ???
I find shaving still the best way to go. I've tried the creams, but it takes the same time as shaving.
I use an electric shaver around the knees. it takes some practice, but works well once you get the hang of it.
the best way to keep your legs warm when its 30 degrees out is with leg warmers and not tights. Leg warmer are separate from the shorts and are easily removed when it warms up.
About that Waxing!

You need to wait until all the stages of hair grow out...usually up to 8 weeks. Your hair grows in cycles and if you wax too soon, it will apear to be growing back in a wekk or so even though it is just another growth of hair.

Don't use a sugar wax, it isn't strong enough for leg hair. Use a regular hair wax.

Apply a strip of wax at a time in the direction of hair growth. Press the removal strip in the same direction...rub it hard to adhere to hair.

Pull off against the direction of hair growth!

Knees are hard for some reason, I usually end up touching mine up with a razor.

If done properly, it should last up to 7 weeks!
(works great on arms too)

As far a warming cream, I use the "sportscare" brand...I think it is imported. They have several degrees for different temperatures. They also make a great balm for heat rash and chafing with antiseptic properties.

When it gets really cold here...I use it under thin leg warmers...gets the knees bending and muscles moving.
I prefer shaving. It is easy and I do it once a week. I have read in a local publication that one should use a ladies razor, so I dutifully "lent" the wifes' razor and shaving cream. Worked wonders. We have a competition on to see who has the least shaving nicks but the best shaven legs. ;) I win everytime!! ;D ;D

I've tried waxing (thanks to my sister who is a beatician) and what a mess. I was in permanent pain :mad: and she had this sadistic smile on her face (probably getting me back for all the stuff I did to her when we were young ;D). Unfortunately my skin was sensitive for a few weeks after the whole session.

I've also tried to use a local product that works like the cream hair remover, but found that it did not work that well. It only burnt my skin and did not remove a lot of hair. :-/

Can anyone tell me more about this warming cream? Can you use it on your arms as weel? Where can I get some in SA?
I tried waxing just before the Tour Durban. I reckon it's the closest a man will come to the pain experienced by woman during childbirth. I don't know how the ladies put up with it.
But the hair definitely takes longer to grow back compared to shaving.
Basically. the warming creams increase the blood flow in the limbs. It doesn't necessarily "warm" you like bengay or some other products, but it warms up the muscles so they function more efficiently. I use it about 10 minutes prior to my warmup and then apply another thin coat before I get to the start line.

It probably won't be of much use on your arms unless you spend a lot of time carrying your bike :)

I know you can order the stuff online. Try searching for sports gels/creams.
Not sure if the warm up rubs increase the blood flow to the muscles (unless they have some magic ingredient that I don't know about).  Warm up rubs irritate the skin, causing an increase in blood flow to the skin (hence why it goes red) and a sensation of warmth or heat.  It may be the act of rubbing in the cream that has a positive effect on the muscles.  Increasing blood flow to the skin may have a negative effect on warming - the more blood in the skin (the less in the core)... the more heat will be lost to the environment.  Any research out there?

I go for INSULATE not IRRITATE every time!

Sometimes a good cream (e.g. petrolium jelley) can act as a better water repelant and insulator than lycra clothes (particularly on the legs that have to move).  Therefore a cream applied to the legs not as a warm up but as a water replant/insulator my be better than leg warmers and tights at keeping you warm.  Obviously, a water repelant, layors and/or thermal top is best on body and arms.