Leith Hill - Surrey England

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I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had a run-in with the local green wellie brigade,
or indeed the national trust. Today (2nd time in as many times as I've ridden this trail), I was
'lectured' by a member of the national trust for riding my 'bicycle' down a slope. This slope is
pretty hairy, steep and long and is off limits to ramblers but not to rock climbers. It runs out
onto a small green. It originates further up the hill from a bridleway (yes, a bridleway) close to
the Leith Hill Cricket Club. But apparently, 'bicycles' are not allowed there. We were given no
reason apart from the 'fact' that what we were doing was 'stupid'.

Har har de har har.

I think I coped a lot better this time, because last time i nearly had blood on my hands.

Please, Mr Green wellie national trust man, go throw your stick for your dog somewhere safe, where
you won't put someone's eye out because I noticed some people sitting on a bench nearby looking
pretty scared.

(Mike Vandeman, I have found your UK alter ego, if you want, I can get you his number so you can
both go have a good time together, discussing stuff ;-)

Kindest Regards


Nick Drew

I've been there, but not recently. Last time was about 6 months ago, before the weather turned
shonky. Had a problem with a runner who got stroppy - he was running very slowly in the middle of
the path. Tried to go round him and he went that way etc. My mate nearly decked him - I was
pissing myself...

Other than that, I haven't had any problems, and to be honest, at the tower at the top (with the
sandwich stall), they seem quite happy to see bikers. I think the main problem is that it's a very
popular place with walkers, so you're always going to get some self righteous muppets trying to
throw their weight around. In the past I've just been courteous and said thanks for the info and
ridden off.

If it's a real bother, there are some other pretty good hills round there, along that line of hills
and forest, slightly closer to Guildford, although I forget their names.

I wish I was out today actually...

Cheers Nick
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