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Your defense of the HypnoWHORE notwithstanding, your daughter still isn't coming back, John.


what goes on in offices, and I prove beyond any doubt that

confronted with evidence that another is harmed by what they benefit from, they STILL work to keep
the system intact, and encourage attacks against anyone who would point out the truth. Women like
this are garbage, useless as wives and mothers, and no matter how loudly they speak here in denial
of the truth, they cannot fool themselves, they cannot fool God, and no longer can they say they
didn't know their silence was harming anyone.

For that they will rot in hell, and until then they will have

anything on the "inside" for which women claim to want to be judged.

I am a psychic. When I can't find justice any other way, I cast a spell. Here's another one:

I command the heavens to make this true: Any person who criticizes me from this point forward will
experience the following:

1. If they have a child in gymnastics, that child will suffer a paralyzing injury in the gym;

2. If they do not have a child in gymnastics, their favorite gymnast will suffer the same injury.

Men don't defend SLUTS, and sluts don't get real men to defend them....

You laid down the gauntlet.....you want the world to see you as a coward?

Is the **** reading this? Go ahead, show her......let her know the world can call her one and her
man doesn't give a ****.

But we already knew that about her, didn't we? The secret **** is no longer a secret when her man is
out posting lay reports about what a **** she is....

This is the HOURLY reminder of how some men are pathetic wussies who are all mouth with absolutely
nothing to back it up.

I have a PUNK to sue first.

Asshole's going to make me DROP WHAT I AM DOING, compile all the evidence I have against him, spend
$150 to file it, then subpoena a company to get his name, THEN put his name in place of the

Pain in the ass. That's also while I'm amending my complaint against UPenn and subpoenaing the
identity of ANOTHER punk from that school who threatened me.

It's time to show these boys they can't go around lying about people.

By the way, I just cast a spell on you wishing for your entire family to die in a horrible accident
which you witness. And anyone who reads into that needs a life; spells are legal. I

I proved that even if I leave here you folks are STILL obsessed with me, and if you worship money
and power and overlook corruption, racism, and drug abuse, be my guest, but God doesn't. People who
do that rot in hell no matter how they die, and if you want we can schedule a press conference in
the middle of Times Square where we can both present our arguments. I have a nifty little list of
media contacts who'd be willing to moderate.

You justify attacking me for how I describe a GROUP (no individuals), and overlook how this
pathetic excuse for a human being treats me. For this I hope you die a horribly painful death from
your illness.

May you DIE on the operating table.

I will subpoena the identity of ANYONE who links to that site.

As I have said before, the site's contents are false-light defamation and a conspiracy to have
others promote it by linking to it. Your act is a furtherance of that conspiracy.

Your username will be added to the subpoena I send to Time Warner, and you may wind up listed as a
defendant when I amend the complaint.


Where's our subPEENA, Gordon Roy?

- The Editorial Staff
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