Lemond Poprad frameset, 55cm

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  1. Scott

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    '02 (I think) Lemond Proprad frameset, 55cm

    Reynolds 853 tubing, original steel fork (1" steerer) Metallic gold
    paint, orange panel decals. The paint's been roughed up quite a bit,
    but otherwise the bike is mechanically/structurally excellent

    New Ritchey Scuzzy Logic Pro headset, Ultegra splined BB, 105 crankset
    (172.5 length, w/ 39/46 rings) and a front derailleur (no markings on
    it, don't have a clue what make/model it is, but it works perfectly w/
    Shimano STI shifter). Everything for the low, low price of $300. I've
    got a few parts that I can include for minimal upcharge if you need
    components to build it up (stems/seatpost/bars, etc...)

    I bought the frame used this fall, rode it in 4 'cross races. Rides
    great, not as harsh as the current rage of oversized aluminum frames,
    handles very well. Great race bike for those who love steel, would make
    an excellent back-up bike or even better commuter setup (eyelets for
    mounting fenders front/rear and tons of room for wide tires).

    I'll have pix available within a day.

    email directly w/ questions and/or offers