Less Pen*s Numbing Saddle Recommendation


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Apr 1, 2014
Can you please recommend a saddle for cyclocross (commuting)?

my current stock saddle gives me numbness on my critical area
So I have to stop often and relax to let the blood flow... :(

I heard Selle SMP is pretty good, light weight would be nice as well
I have to say, in tens of thousands of miles perched on a road bike saddle, I've never had one that made that particular man-bit numb. Not even a Bontrager (should have been named Butt-raper) ass hatchet. My perineum and sit bones, yeah. But never the main unit. My bibs and chamois keep it nice and secure. Maybe your problem is what you're wearing, not what your sitting on?
Also consider weight on the seat area. Avoid wearing a hydration pack, backpack or ***** pack if you are having issues.
I have found that no matter the saddle if my bike shorts are too loose the man bits go numb... Try out some different shorts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I had this, went with something stiffer with an anatomical cut out.

I think the additional stiffnes in the sit bones area was the key to stop my bum from pushing into the foam around the sides but having a high foam arch in the middle.

Tough saddle with 0 pressure in the middle and good quality shorts for me

went with the Selle Italia SLR Flow

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