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The first grand tour of the year, the Giro d'Italia, is now
just days away from making its most recent appearance. I
believe this race will be won by an Italian, maybe Simoni,
Garzelli, or even with his outstanding form of late, Cunego.
The Giro is usually an all-Italian affair with intermittent
podium and top-10 places by riders like young Popovych of
the Ukraine and even wins by the Russian Tonkov some years
back.Not in any way rescinding my previous comments, but if
an Italian does not win this race I think Yaroslav Popovych
will, or at the very least he'll come close after his third
place of last year. The Giro also, if my memory serves me
correctly from last year, tended to favor stage wins over
all the other possibilities for scoring points. The Giro
tends not to allow for the accumulation of as many mountain
and sprint points as the TDF (overbearingly so) does, they
seem to think that fewer mountain-top finishes make a better
and closer race. In a sense I cannot argue with that but a
close race does not a great race make. The Sprinters are all
here - McEwen, Cipo, Petacchi, Quaranta, Strazzer,
Backstedt, Svorada...etc. Several 'flat' stages will go to
one or more of these men. For the mountains I would put
money on the Colombians to attempt a domination of the
competition once again, Freddy Gonzalez of Selle-Italia or
Julio Perez-Cuapio of Ceramiche would not be bad choices
here. After the main categories there are those that will
likely finish down in the GC but grab one or two nice stage
wins for themselves, surely you must consider Igor Astarloa
in this category for he is surely out for redemption after
his much maligned stay/debacle at Cofidis. Anyway, that is
indeed enough, I will leave the rest up to you. Last but not
least, feel free to notify my of any problems via the
'contact' page. Choose wisely.

I almost forgot ;-> that I am going to leave the
registration open for roughly the 1st week of the race to
maximize the # of participants this time around and there
will not be a cost system in effect either, I simply lack
the time to lookup and enter the UCI pts values for each and
every rider in the Giro with everything else I have on my
plate right now. Regardless of its shortcomings it should be
fun nevertheless, the general idea in the first place.

Thanks for playing.

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