Lets get ALL cyclists off the road.



uh, at any point does the video show this bicyclist on the road?
I think it much more urgent to get bicyclists off of the sidewalk.

Contrary to Tom's position that throwing the bike in the trash was the
more serious offense I think the worst of what was done here is that
the cyclist is clearly not being supportive of the auto/oil industrial
complex... how will Exxon ever maintain its $10Billion w/ a B
quarterly profits (not revenue but profit, mind you) if people
continue to go 'round on bikes when they are committing their
bombings? If everybody that wanted to blow something up used a bike
instead of the more typical truck the wheels would come off our
economy... uh wait, it appears that the wheels maybe coming off
anyway, and we have bicyclists primarily to blame for this. If they
had been buying gas like all the patriotic citizens we could keep with
Chinese (who apparently go 'round on flying pigeons). These bicycle
bombers are way more despicable than the bombers that use trucks and
the public outcry should reflect that.


How can the guy BE a cyclist? We don't throw away any bikes!

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