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    For those of you who may be interested (and don't already know),
    letterboxing is a pastime that involves walking/hiking, treasure
    hunting, eraser carving, orienteering, and sometimes solving riddles.
    It started in Dartmoor over 100 years ago, and there are tens of
    thousands of letterboxes hidden worldwide. It's become quite popular
    in the US, Australia and New Zealand (and probably other places as
    well). It's just beginning to take off here in Scotland, and we've
    launched our website to support this end. We do know that some folks
    have travelled over from the States to plant and find boxes (amongst
    other things, of course!).

    Anyway, if this captures your fancy, please have a look:


    This seemed like a relevant group to inform. Hope we haven't caused
    any offense.

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