Lexa slx vs 2013 raleigh capri 3.0


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Feb 29, 2016

I was wondering if anybody has experience with the 2013 Raleigh Capri 3.0. I found it new for $800 in Colorado, and I'll go there in a couple of weeks so I was thinking of trying it. I went to a bike shop nearby and tried the Lexa SLX and it fits me perfectly - way better than the bike that I am currently riding that has a top tube that is a little bit too long for me and forces me in a position that starts hurting pretty soon. The two bikes have similar components (mix of 105 and Tiagra), so I would like to know if anybody can tell me how the frames compare both in terms of shape and quality. The Lexa would be $1500, almost twice the price, and honestly it is a little bit more than I'd like to spend. There is also the Lexa S that is $900 and has Sora components, is a little bit heavier and does not have the isospeed. What would be the best deal for a short commuting (~10miles per day) and weekend bike rides?

A NOS 2013 Capri 3. Nice find. I had to look this up on bikepedia.com to see what you get. It's a very nice aluminum frame with a 105 10-speed drivetrain.

It's somewhat comparable to this year's Trek Lexa SL with the new Tiagra 10-speed drivetrain. 10-speed Tiagra is smoother shifting and has nicer ergonomics than 105 10-speed, but that's splitting hairs. They're both high performance and high quality. The Raleigh has nicer Shimano cranks. The Trek has lighter wheels. Between these two, base your decision on a test ride. You might find the Raleigh's handling a bit more forgiving, especially on bad road.

The Lexa SLX, of course, gives you the upgraded frame and new 105 11-speed shifting. If you like the SL, you'll probably like the SLX even more.

Any of these bikes would suit your purposes well. It's about the value you see in the upgrades of the SLX or whether you prefer the SL or the Capri.
Thanks for the advice!
So the 2013 105 and this year Tiagra are comparable because they both have 10 speed, or also in terms of quality and durability?
So the 2013 105 and this year Tiagra are comparable because they both have 10 speed, or also in terms of quality and durability?
It's hard to say. The first version of 10-speed Tiagra fell a little short of the version of 105 it supplanted, but this year's version is pretty darned close. I've only been working with it since December, but I've seen no problems so far. And it looks, feels, and adjusts just like 11-speed 105 except it's just 10. Maybe I'd say the only disadvantage to it is the extra work the shop goes through to dial in the front shifting. But the levers and hoods are nicer, with a set screw for adjusting lever reach for smaller hands. You'll have to try it.