Liberty Ride for Sight


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Jan 31, 2002
Is anyone else doing this race? I've looked at the route map and the part through Kareekloof and Heidelberg looks HAIRY. :p
I'm doing it, but I'm only doing the 57km race. Dont even know what to expect.
I did the race last year and must say that it's VERY hilly, plus we had a terrible head wind to contend with. People that did the race last year will know exactly what I'm talking about.
I suggest you save some for the second part of the route.

As for me, I'm sitting this one out. Guess it's like when you eat or drink something that makes you sick. The next time you smell or taste whatever made you sick, the nausea returns immediately. Thats how I feel when someone mentions the RFS.

HekMoord again for me this weekend! Some unfinished business that I need to take care of, some 100m from the top of the climb. :mad:
Your finishing time in this race will be round about your finish time in the Argus. Most people complete the 2 races with about 1-3 minutes difference. This obviously depends on your consistancy, weather, crashes, starting groups etc. ;D

Remember not to be fooled, the race gets harder and harder towards the end. Remember to drink at least 500 ml of a carbohydrate drink up to 30 min before the start. This will help you survive on those two water bottles for the duration of the ride. Stay out of the wind, it's quite open and you can find yourself in a lot of trouble alone.

Good luck and may all of us do well... ;)
I also did the R.f.S. last year and like somebody else said it was very windy last year. I saw men crying after the race because of the wind. They couldn't perform like they planned to.

The route itself I cannot remember, maybe I concentrated to much on the wind. I remember a few hills that was tough because of the wind.

Hopefully this year it will be much better and we can do better times.
Eish! what a race. I did the 57km. Started in a/s which is the group straight after the under 16's. We shot off from the start and I decided to stay with the leading bunch to stay out of the wind. By the 30 km mark our average speed was 40km/h. This is where I started to loose it. I had forgoten to buy GU so was riding with just Energade. I manage to just hold on to the guys until someone fell infront of me 7 km from the end. I did not have the energy to sprint back up to the bunch.

I then proceeded on my own and stopped to help one of the under 16's with a flat. Gave him my tube and we rode the rest of the way together, picking up a passing bunch.

It was wndy out there, but a good race all in all.
I eventualy got my certificate on Friday. My results read

11/196 of 13**

Now does this mean I came 11th or 196th ?? I have no idea. If it's 11th then considering what happened in the race this is flipping good.

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