Light and Motion Stella Lights.


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Jul 22, 2007
I am wondering how accurate are the stats on their site? I am wondering if i should get the 300 dual, 200, or 150.I usually ride my bike as the sun goes down and usually ride for 1.5-3 hours tops. Oh, and I have a road bike... but as we all know some roads can get dark fast and no light+pot hole+big guy on small bike = big mess....


Jul 30, 2004
I don't have any information on the L&M Stella models.

If you're interested in spending less money for more light, check out the Magicshine 900. I purchased this light in early November 2009, and after a few months of use have nothing but praise for it. After my first ride with a friend, he immediately ordered one, and then a friend of his purchased the light as well. No complaints from any of us. I honestly believe you cannot find a better light for even triple the price. You can find the Magicshine a bit cheaper on another website, but I would stick with for fast shipping and great customer service.