Like the firebird from the ashes...holdsworth is reborn!

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    In 1975 I corresponded by transAtlantic mail (Computers were the size of a refrigerator and only connected to a power supply) with W. F. Holdsworthy for the purchase of a pair of custom built, Campagnolo equipped, touring bikes for myself and a friend. Taking a cab from Heathrow to somewhere in Kensington if memory serves me correctly, we picked up those bike and rode them all over Yuroland for a summer of fun after acquiring my undergraduate degree.

    We continued to ride them after we brought them home on a 747.

    Years later Holdsworth went tits up.

    Now, Planet-X is giving them new life in both classic form and in modern carbon creations the old frame builders would only scratch their heads trying to figure out how they were made.

    Feast your eyes on some of these glorious recreations! They include exact copies of the Merino Wool team Holdsworth-Campagnolo jerseys I brought back with me from London and still have to this day!

    God bless the English!

    I present to you...The Italia! Stainless steel and made in Italy! Bella, old chap!