Lincoln treatment for Sinus problems

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Tom Bates, Feb 5, 2004.

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    We had a family doctor in Chicago in the 50's who had a something he called a "Lincoln Treatment"
    that he used for treating Sinus problems.

    My grandmother had sinus problems and he gave her this treatment which was a yelllowish/greenish
    liquid, very light in color that was placed in a glass inhaler. The inhaler was a glass bulb that
    connected via glass tube and rubber connector to a "y" that went into your nose. The whole thing was
    steralized before use. The glass bulb had a right angle tube to attache to a hose connected to a
    hand valve that let the patient hit the valve which put oxygen into the inhaler and bubbled through
    the liguid asperating it into your nose.

    The smell was not bad, just not good and very pungent. A kind of organic, medicinal, astringenty
    kind of smell, hard to describe. It would take you 15-30 mins or so as I remember to inhale the half
    to one cc of the liquid he placed in the inhaler.

    This was in the 50's that he treated her and when she passed away in 1973, she didn't have sinus
    problems. I had sinus problems as a kid, perhaps 6-8 yrs old and I had the treatments too. I would
    cough and gurgle with the sinus problems and often had sinus infections, etc. The treatments cleared
    them up then and to this day I have no sinus problems.

    On the other hand, I was sick some 60 days in 1st grade. I was often sick till third grade. Once in
    4th, I couldn't get sick and thereafter I didn't miss any school until a sophmore in college when I
    took a Friday off to come in and see my doc since I had a horrible sore throat.

    I don't get the flu, last time I had it was 82-83 and colds generally are a sore/dry throat and then
    a cough for several weeks. What I do have is a leg ulcer that is not connected with diabetes, or
    venous problems but an autoimmune ulcer. Somtimes there are associated problems (crohns, RA, or UC
    but I don't have those or any symptoms for the long years I've had the ulcer).

    So, if anyone has heard of this Lincoln Treatment or what it was, I'd like to hear what you've got
    to say. I'm wondering if this treatment had some effect on my immune system that could be the cause
    of my leg ulcer. Just a stab in the dark, as much as my thinking exposure to sailboat bottom paint
    that is heavy in copper could be the cause, a few years before I got the ulcer.

    Yours, Tom

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    >Subject: Lincoln treatment for Sinus problems
    >From: Tom Bates [email protected]
    >Date: 2/5/04 10:02 PM Eastern Standard Time
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    >So, if anyone has heard of this Lincoln Treatment or what it was, I'd like to hear what you've
    >got to say.

    I would be interested as well.

    >I'm wondering if this treatment had some effect on my immune system that could be the cause of my
    >leg ulcer.

    Probably not.

    This sounds like what the orthopaths would call a "route of vicarious elimination." What this means
    is that the body intelligence must eliminate some toxins from your body to keep you going. How it
    does this is up to the body. An allopath will fight the "wounds that will not heal" with all manner
    of lotions and potions. If the doc is successful at forcing the closing that ulcer the body will
    form another ulcer elsewhere if it needs the ulcer for drainage.

    The orthopath would recommend working with the body. Speciffically, he would order a fast of 7 to 10
    days of some type. During that time the patient would have to work at assisting the body in
    eliminating whatever it was that needed elimination. If done correctly, the ulcer would heal and you
    would be healthier than before you started treatment.

    Notice that no bacteria, no viruses, no retro-virus, no prion, and no auto-immune excuse is needed
    to explain why the ulcer has formed and will not close.

    DrC PhD

    The doctor of the future will give no poisonous medicine in the vain attempt to poison the sick into
    getting well.

    The doctor of the future will interest the patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in
    the cause and prevention of disease, and a medical theory which will not include bacteria, viruses,
    retro-viruses, prions, or auto-immune excuses as the cause of such diseases.