Linear Drive Trike(Japanese)

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Rorschandt, Jan 22, 2003.

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    "Alpha Beta" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    [q1]> What is the make? Any info on the web anywhere?[/q1]

    The home URL is

    The description of the linear drive mechanism (in broken English) is at .

    MHO: it's a solution in search of a problem. The fastest HPVs still use the circular crank motion.
    The fastest linear-drive HPVs aren't within 25 miles per hour. Neat machine, though.

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    Jeff Wills wrote:

    [q1]> The description of the linear drive mechanism (in broken English) is at[/q1]
    [q1]> .[/q1]

    I liked: "At present, with the increasing interest in using clean energy, there is a need for
    improving the effciency of man-powered machines, vehicles, etc"

    Yes, I can see there's a pressing need to improve what is only the most energy efficient vehicle on
    the planet :)

    I wonder if you wouldn't mind piecing out our imperfections with your thoughts; and while you're
    about it perhaps you could think when we talk of bicycles, that you see them printing their proud
    wheels i' the receiving earth; thanks awfully.
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    [q1]> There was a DF bike years ago that had a linear movement, up and down. I don't recall the name or[/q1]
    [q1]> anything. Basically, one pressed the cranks which pulled chains on either side of the rear wheel.[/q1]

    Reminds me of my Rowcycle. Has a chain for each side. You pull lever-like 'oars' which pull a length
    of chain. Bungee cords keep the chain tight. A freewheel on each rear wheel provides a rachet
    mechanism. A guy rode one across the USA.. I have trouble getting around the block. Might have
    something to do with my gut, not sure.. further research needed.
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