Link at School, NP Guesses?

Las Montanas

New Member
Dec 19, 2005
Hey All,

I left my PowerLink or whatever it's called at school when I came home for Thanksgiving break. I did a 20min effort today, trying to hold her steady at 310w.

However, due to the nature of the course, which was a 1 mile loop with a short incline and downhill, I'm pretty sure that I could have done a little more than 297w avg. on a flat course. (I've done it before, hence my desired effort level)

So, for simplicity, lets say my average was 300w on this course, and every time I came around to uphill section I was putting out 360w, and on the downhill, 240w. Due to it being a circular course (i.e. net elevation gain = 0), and living in the neighborhood for the last 19 years, I'm going to guess that the decline is shorter but steeper than the incline, and the incline is obviously longer and not as sharp.

So, knowing these things, anyone care to hazard a guess as to what my NP would be?

This is just for fun, and it won't make or break my day. Just trying to understand the complexity of the body and its reactions to hills and short amounts of "rest", I guess. The only hills I normally have to ride on are highway overpasses and a brutal headwind.