Litespeed Tuscany building help


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Mar 27, 2010
Hello All,

I'm very new to cycling (Never owned a road bike). However, I've taken the plunge into the bike world and purchased a used Litespeed Tuscany frameset. I have bought all the components to assemble this machine except a headset. I'm not really sure what year the frameset is? Simple judging from pic's on the net I think it is a 1999. Can I search with the serial number? It appears that the litespeed tuscany 1999 frameset requires a 1" thread less head set yet all other newer models use a 1 1/8 thread less head set....Your experience and help is much appreciated!
Every now and then the bicycle industry changes the standards to annoy the hell out of people with older bikes that work just fine. The standard now has frames with 1.125" headsets, but some frames actually require 1.25" headsets. Did you buy a headset that's too large?

Can't help you with anything here, so I'll just wait for a more experienced member to tell you what to do.
FYI. In 2000 (and, possibly 2001), most-if-not-all LiteSpeed Road bikes had forks with 1" threaded steerers ...

You can use any appropriate fork with a 1" steerer -- EITHER threaded OR threadless.