little tom robbed a bank

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  1. little tom robbed a bank today - i saw him come out
    get on his bike going north.

    i told the FBI this they asked me if this was the guy
    on there laptop i said yes.

  2. On 29 Dec 2005 21:33:28 -0800, "go on make my day"
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    >i told the FBI this they asked me if this was the guy
    >on there laptop i said yes.

    Tried to parse this for hidden irony, subtle play on words or maybe
    reading too much Zippy this week, but I finally decided that this was
    just pretty much what the preschoolers here write with crayons - we
    just don't let them post to the Internet.

    Curtis L. Russell
    Odenton, MD (USA)
    Just someone on two wheels...
  3. Maybe this, from May 2002...

    -- A talented biker who hoped to enter the Olympics used his pedaling
    skills to rob 30 banks from San Francisco to Chicago, cops say. Cycling
    was such a integral part of Thomas Justice's stick-ups, he even used
    a custom-made, $3,000 orange Brent Steelman racing bike for his
    getaways. Justice, 31, was dubbed the "Choirboy Bandit" because he kept
    his head bowed slightly and his hands in front of him so he wouldn't
    be filmed by security cameras or leave fingerprints. He was nabbed near
    Chicago last week when two fellow cyclists
    pointed him out to the FBI.
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  5. But what was the purpose of the initial post? Seemed random.