Live in a Mosquito Free Environment ! Innovative technology mosquito trap


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Jun 11, 2006
Mosquitoes, Even In Dark, Can Easily Locate Where A Person Is By Sensing Carbon Dioxide And Temperature That He/she Sheds. Also, They React Extremely Sensitivelyto Near Ultraviolet Rays. Using These Properties Of Mosquitoes,SKONE Photo-catalysis Mosquito Trap Can Decoy And Capture Mosquitoes Both In Bright Indoors And In Dark Outdoors By A Tripartite System, Heat And Near Ultraviolet Rays Produced From The Fluorescent Lamps Installed Inside, And Carbon Dioxide Produced When Near Ultraviolet Rays Are Radiated Onto Titanium Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide (co2)is A Gas Which Is Completely Harmless To The Human Body

Decoyed Mosquitoes Enter The Exterminator Through The Capture Windows On The Upper Part, And Then Are Strongly Drawn Into The Capture Net,on The Lower Part. Once They Are Drawn Into The Capture Net, They Cannot Fly Away Upwards To The Strong Current Of The Ventilator.Once trapped, they quickly dehydrate and die
SKONE Trap Is a Healthy And Environmental Protected Product. It Is Easy To Use And Clean. Widely Used In Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Farms, Hospitals, Schools, Villas, Food Processing Field And Farm 0086-779-2027280 [email protected] [email protected]