Liverpool To Chester Bike Ride Road Rage

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    As a keen cyclist myself I popped to the end of my road on Sunday morning to watch some fellow cyclists participate in the Liverpool to Chester Bike ride.

    As injury was preventing me participate I was enjoying the atmosphere as well as the warm sun when I was horrified to see a Blue van tanking it down the road beeping his horn and trying to hit as many cyclists as possible. This was causing cyclists to swerve and narrowly avoid the maniac driver.

    As a fellow cyclist I wasn't happy and made my feelings felt to the the driver. He then skidded to a halt and threatened violence. Before I report this issue I was wondering if anybody else saw any aggresive driving by a driver of a Blue Peugeot Partner van in the Neston Area (Burton Road just after the mini rondabout) on that morning?

    Thanks for your time