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Jul 27, 2010
Afternoon All,

I recently purchased a trainer and this got me wondering where most people put their computer. I have mine on the front wheel. But that does me no good when I'm on the trainer. And admittedly, my trainer is not the kind that has a built-in comp.

Any thoughts about moving the computer to the rear wheel?


That depends on whether it's wired or wireless, and if it's wired, how long the cable is. In terms of mileage recording, I don't see where it would make any difference which wheel it's on, except in your case where the front wheel doesn't turn when using a trainer.

You could also invest in a set of rollers, that way the rollers would cause the front wheel to turn while the rear wheel is turning, basically simulating an actual ride.
Yeah, nice to have the computer working on the trainer. It's not hard to move the pickup to the rear stay. Some years ago I did it a "rear wheel kit" (pickup and longer cable) which splices into the existing cable.....was on an old Avocet or Cateye model.

All you really need is to splice in an extension wire. If you don't care about asthetics, any thin zip wire will do. I'd cut the existing wire a few inches from the pickup, then mount the pickup and just splice in what you need. Since you're not going outside with it, just twisting the wires together will be fine.
dhk2 said:
Since you're not going outside with it, just twisting the wires together will be fine.
Just don't let the conductors in each side of the cable contact each other or it won't work. Polarity may also be a factor so make sure you don't reverse it.
Yeah, use a "staggered line splice". For those not remembering HS shop class, or fixing mom's table lamp for Boy Scouts, you just cut one side of the zip cable a couple of inches shorter than the other side, then do the same to the mating extension cable. That way, it's impossible for bare wires to touch.
On the polarity, don't believe it matters since the pickup on all the current computers is just a leaf switch, but at any rate it's simple enough to maintain it when splicing in the extension.