Logging workout sessions on Polar s720i


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Feb 1, 2013
I am constantly frustrated trying to navigate the menus on this (and other) Polar HRMs. In this case I would like, not only to see my heart rate but also record it on a file that I can upload to my PC. I have the IR interface and the Polar software, so the question reduces to "How do I actually record a file on the HRM?"

Also, what do you do when the memory is full? It seems silly to reset and then have to re-input all your personal info. Thanks to all.
You should run in recording mode to record exercise to file. Once You download the exercises to PC You should delete files from wrist unit (I prefer to do it from PC) to free the memory. By deleting exercise files from wrist units you can not change personal info (or other settings). page 55- runing in recording mode (for 625/725x but i think 720 should be similar) http://www.polar.com/support_files/en/C225742500419A8AC2257097003888BC/Polar_S625X_S725X_user_manual_English.pdf You may want to create exercise sets for various load intensities- then you run choosen exercise in recording mode. page 23- exercise settings for recording mode. I found it pretty easy in use. If you have disc with polar trainig software there should be manuals for 720 as well. Hope it helps