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  1. anyone heard from london marathon yet on whether or not you got in for

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    [email protected] wrote:
    > anyone heard from london marathon yet on whether or not you got in for
    > 2006?

    The last batch shuld have been posted about 3-4 days ago....
    I got my 'sorry' notification 2 days ago..

    Hope you get in.. If not run it for a charity, still plenty of
    guaranteed spots left..

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    On Fri, 09 Dec 2005 08:09:26 +0000, topgooner71
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    >If not run it for a charity,

    May I suggest running it for "The TBR ministries, children's charity"?
    The newly ordained Reverand BillRodgers has started a new charity to
    help the children of his area "get aquainted" with a wonderful
    organization similar to the "Big Brother" charity. He matches kids up
    with members of a friendly little group that go by the initials
    "NAMBLA", who seem to take a very personal, "get involved" type of
    "hands on" approach to children who need that "special someone" in
    their lives. At first Rev Rodgers was a bit worried about this
    charity, butt once being invited over to sit on a NAMBLA 'member's
    lap, something happened, something wonderful, Rev Rodgers saw god, and
    suddenly realized why NAMBLA 'members' deserved to be included in one
    of his charitable endeavors. When we visited Rev Rodgers estate we
    couldn't get in for comment, but it must've been charitable, because a
    lot of very sleazy looking woman were seen lined up in the front yard,
    looking restless and broke", yet at the rear of the house where they
    exited they seemed very 'pleased' and relaxed. So we're sure he was
    using your generous contributions to better the lives of these
    questionable woman always seen hanging out around his compound, and he
    was just too busy to comment.
    Remember Rev Bill's motto "send your loot, to someone who'll spend it
    on toot".

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