London to Southend Report


Brian Day

Report on yesterdays London to Southend ride, for BHF.

up at 5.30 and it was pi$$ing down, 3 of us put our bikes in the van for a
trip to Southend Victoria.

Usual mayhem at the station but moving at not too bad a pace. The train was
packed and we squeezed

our bikes in then climbed over them to our seats.

There was a delay arriving at Stratford due to some sort of technical
difficulty with the train in front of us

(so we were told). After we all clattered out of the station we arrived at
the start after a brisk 10 minute ride.

There was a good turnout, and within a few minutes we were waiting at the
start line. A fair bit of banter was exchanged with

A Dame Edna look-alike, and we were off at 8.30.

Our small team of 3 got off to a good start, even though we split up and
tagged on to different groups or individuals.

The ride was trouble free for us, no punctures, or mechanical breakdowns.
First stop was just under 40 miles in

West Hanningfield, brief 10 minute refresh and an energy bar each then we
took off again. We were getting a good pace

on in the second section which was trouble and event free.

One Guy was suffering from severe cramp lying on his back being pulled in a
few different directions by his mates while he grimaced.

The ride was fairly hilly in places, but the final toughest bits were
Hullbridge Hill, short and very steep, lowest gear up on the pedals.

Plus a similar hill in the Rochford Area. Anyway I got to Priory Park,
Southend at exactly noon, averaging 16 mph for the ride,

which I clocked at 56 miles. My 2 colleagues arrived minutes after. During
the last few miles round Rochford Airport and into

Southend we were faced with a seriously strong head wind so it was heads
down and pedal hard.

There was a good atmosphere at the park and the finishing line was lined
with cheering, waving spectators - who

gave everybody a round of applause. We didn't hang around that long but
they normally have a live band there

so it's a good place for family and friends to meet too. Ample parking,
burger bars, massage tent, and we all

got a banana and medallion for finishing. Overall a good enjoyable ride,
well organised and good finish venue.

That's it really, apart from a free plug for this firm "Harris Active

who we bought our energy bars and High5 from.

Plus a link to bike events that we booked it with

Hope you enjoyed the read, and I would be interested in buying a couple of
cycle mags if anybody sees any write ups

or pictures from the event, perhaps they can let me know.!


Brian Day