Long Days Pedal Into Night

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Stephen Harding, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Yesterday morning, before heading off to work, I decided I'd
    pump up my tires after not having done so since fall. Tires
    are Avocet Cross on an old MTB. Max pressure is 80 psi and
    they had fallen to perhaps 50.

    Spring seemed to be on the way so it was time to keep the
    tires fully inflated, so 80 psi they became.

    I was strapping on my cuff straps when suddenly KAPOW!!!

    Initially thought it was a very close backfire, but I noted
    by bike laying on its side with the tire completely flat and
    the plastic overshift protector with about 1/3 of its disk
    blown off.

    After ensuring that Dick Cheney was not hunting in the yard,
    I took a closer look.

    Approximately a foot or more of the side rim was peeled off
    the wheel rim! The wheel rim had clearly let go when I
    fully pumped the tire to 80 psi, and a section of about 8
    inches of tube was blown out. Not just torn, but a three
    sided strip of tube (as if I were cutting the tube into tie
    down straps) had been created.

    Ain't never seen nuthin' like that afore!!!

    So I've got another wheel in the barn and move the tire
    over to it, pedal off to work.

    As night descends, the work day ends, I ready myself for
    the ride home. Wheel the bike out of the office and it
    doesn't roll very well. Tire is flat!

    Figured perhaps a shard of wheel rim was still in the tire
    when I moved it over to the new rim. I pumped it up to
    arm aching pressure with the minipump and rode for home,
    opting for the most direct, 11 mile route.

    I made it, after two more pumping up sessions en route. A
    long day dealing with rear wheel problems.

    Decided to haul out the Trek 520 for the new bike season
    this morning rather than fix a flat tire. Replaced the
    battery in the trusty Avocet 45 computer and...it didn't
    fire up. Contact was broken off!

    Very sad. I've had that computer for about 7 years and
    really liked it. Looks like a new Cateye Mity 8 is in the
    future for the bike.

    Great weather this week, but the bikes are being very
    sullen and uncooperative about the coming road work.

    Seem to be like the horses at a riding staple that hate to
    see the tourists come to ride them. Look small and perhaps
    no one will notice you.