Long post: Is an incomplete EPX roadster worth buying for a newbie?


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Dec 22, 2005
I am looking to buy an EPX Roadster, an incomplete model, and add some parts to make it roadworthy. I only intend to commute to and from work. The price quoted me for this bike, minus wheels, chain-ring and chain is $550.​

This model originally was geared with a belt drive instead of chain. I have spoken with EPX in Perth and they appear to have one drive set for about $100.

I am told that if I get someone to do the wheels then I will basically pay $1100 in total. I am an avid eBayer and could source the parts online, but is it worth paying that much for my simple purposes? I must add the bike looks stunning, even if it has nothing to do with how it travels. Theft is a natural concern, see for yourself:​

I'm including all the information I have on this bike below from the would-be seller. Can anyone help me decide if it is worth it? I am eager to learn if I can do some of these things myself without needing to spend a lot of money on professional expertise.​

Condition is mildly used as a cruiser, structurally sound, details all superficial and nothing deep, seriously disturbing or else. As this model was intended to be painted, the carbon is laid for structure and not for glamour looks, and you will see some tiny areas where resin did not achieve 100% coverage. These are hidden with primer when painted, but in the current condition are hard to see and do not affect integrity at all. I give the frame a coat of car wax every six months and it looks sensational. The rear swing arm is stiff but carbon flexes more than steel of course, and definitely even if this bike is apt for the trails, it is a cruiser or city dweller and not a downhill muncher, less a jumper.​

The crank hub has a shimano-ISIS type 20-tooth shape which has been dealt with some other tool and it is marked and not that great looking. It still fits a tool but it is rough, you don't get to see it but it is there. The inner side of the rear swing arm is a bit rough where it joins the bike's body - this was a prototype, do not forget. If I were to keep this frame I can live with these, so will you. This frame will work as it is and will give you enormous satisfaction.​
Please note that this will not fit V or canti brakes at the back. It is currently fitted with an internal hub with drum brake. I believe a rear disc can be fitted without major inconvenience but you may have to modify/supplement the rear dropout or buy an adapter - nothing extremely complicated for someone that can build its own bike. Great for an internal hub with coaster brake also and these can be picked very cheaply on ebay. ALL THE BIKE IS AVAILABLE AND I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO SEE IT GO - MINUS WHEELS, CHAIN AND CHAINRING FOR ANOTHER PROJECT WHEN I RECOVER (wheel components are cheap but I do not know how to build)​

I can sell the bike in a snap for $1000 complete and I have been offered $1250. It is just that building wheels is not my forte. One side of me wishes for it not to sell, then I use this wheels in the meantime and build another set, but my well documented health problems kicked in. I'm hoping you're keen, because then at least it'll remain close by, and you'll have access to me for any ongoing issues.

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