Long Shot, can anyone advise me on how to install a rear Surly rack.


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Nov 24, 2012
Because I can't figure it out. The instructions which came with it are terrible.

TIA if you can. If not, either take it to LBS or contact Surly.
Is this the rack and instructions you have?


If so, that looks pretty straight forward. Prepare the rack per the pictures and then mount to bike eyelets and welded tabs. Level to suit using the telescopic tubing.

If you have another model, can you link to the instructions?
Yup, that's the one. I just can't figure it out -- I'm stupid like that. There isn't a good image of the assembled rack, parts aren't labeled, and I can't find any good images online of what this finished thing looks like.

Maybe it's just me? I just hate things that come with hard-to-understand instructions.
One thing that might get tricky is when you are tightening the frame bolts on the drop-outs. That might "rotate" the rack... Try to keep the rack in place whilst tightening those bolts so it wont "tilt" towards the front or back.

Maybe tighten everything else first before tightening those (e.g. tighten the telescoping tube fasteners, the seat-stays bolts and the connection bolts between the tubes that attach to the seat stays and the rack it self first).

This manual doesn’t seem to have any directions towards on what should the maximum torque be when fastening the bolts... If this going to be attached to a Cromoly thin walled frame its probably best not to over-tighten the bolts which might damage something, e.g. the seat stays or the fastening tabs at the drop-outs). Just don’t apply too much force and maybe use some liquid thread lock too and see how it performs and adjust accordingly...
The bottom (vertical rack height adjustment) slider assembly is simple. Just slide on the clamps, insert the shorter tubes and just snug up the clamp screws enough to keep the sliding tubes from falling out.

Assemble the upper (horizontal or front-to-rear rack position adjustment) clamps on the rack cross tube per picture. Each clamp consists of a barrel, an upper tube block, a lower tube block and a set screw. The pair of tube blocks align with the direction of the slider tube or the rack cross tube. The concave surfaces face the tubes and prevent crushing and deforming the tubing under clamp pressure when the set screws are tightened.

After the rack is temporarily assembled, bolt it to your frame's existing hard points loosely. Adjust the four sliding tubes to level the rack. This will require simultaneous movement of all four sliding tubes. Tighten all four clamps bolts on the lower (vertical) slider clamps and the two set screws on the barrel clamps (horizontal sliders). Tighten the screws/bolts on the frame's dropout eyelets and the tabs on the seat stays.

ETA: Loctite all fasteners with blue Loctite.
Hey, no probs, but...