Longbikes Back with a Vengeance

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Cycle America/N, Jan 22, 2003.

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    Longbikes Back with a Vengeance

    A two year hiatus from the recumbent front lines has resulted in a better bike company and an
    improved flagship model, the Slipstream that features improved performance and comfort. Often
    referred to as the Ryan Vaguard on steroids, it has always been different from the Vanguard from
    which it evolved by a lower seat and higher bottom bracket allowing the cyclist to deliver more
    power to the pedals. Soon, however, from the new bolt on rear triangle (yes rear shocks are on
    the near horizon) to disc brakes front and rear (come this spring when the new 2003 models
    arrive), this bike will stand even more ready to mix it up with the tougher inner city roads and
    traffic conditions. In terms of comfort, the "Hip Hinge" seat that provides for independent
    adjustment of seat tilt and back recline. and their proprietary 2-axis bar ends that move in a
    natural flow with the arms when turning, also make this bike a candidate for the ultimate in long
    distance cycle touring.

    I know, for example, having biked across the US on an under the seat steered Via Long wheel base
    recumbent (no longer in production), that indeed I would have lusted for the opportunity to do so on
    the Slipstream had it existed in 1986. The many tens of thousands of miles I've logged in the lwb,
    uss configuration (I've also ridden innumerable miles on an Avatar, a Ryan, and a famed "Bicycling"
    editor, Jim Langley's homebuilt lwb) assures me this bike has a beautiful future.

    And I've not even talked about the short wheel base bikes Longibkes makes. Suffice it to say, that
    everything they produce is top quality. Long before any of their machines ever come off the drawing
    board, Greg Peek, their chief designer has factored in every detail. Over the last four decades,
    Greg has made test machines for IBM and Johns Manville, among others, he's done design work for the
    aerospace industry, including prototyping the seats for the space shuttle, as well as manufacturing
    critical flight hardware for the military. Greg also owned, grew and sold a very successful wheel
    chair manufacturing business. And in his spare time he designed and built top fuel, award winning
    dragsters before he gave birth to Longbikes four years ago.

    Talk about a Renaissance Man, it is this knack for design and precision machining that Greg Peek
    brings to Longbikes. I know I can't wait to see all the excitement their 2003 machines produce! And
    if you sign up for our National Mayor's Ride, http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide you can
    get one for 10% off of the retail price!


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