Longest ride 35miles - tour is either 35 / 63 miles


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Feb 5, 2010
I would like to attempt the 63 mile option of the bike tour tomorrow morning. My longest ride so far this year has been 35 miles. I was tired towards the end but finished pretty well I think. Do you think I could jump from a 35mile long ride to 63 in one week? This is just a tour, with snack and lunch stop, and I'll have my gatorade bottle plus probably a snack on hand to make sure I have enough to keep me going. The first 35 miles are flat to rolling, the last 28 are rolling to hilly.
Usually you want to train to 75% of the distance of the ride if you want to complete it easily. Though, you can usually get away with riding 3x your usual normal rides during the week without getting injured. I would say, do the 35, see how you feel, and if you are feeling good keep going, and if not call it done. Either way, good luck and have fun tomorrow!
I felt great after the first 35 flat/rolling miles. I went ahead with the additonal 28 rolling/hilly miles and finished feeling great! Legs were pretty tired, but other than a sore left wrist and tired legs I'm doing great. I think the wrist may be just from the longer time on the bike, but my right wrist never gets sore - strange..

Anyways I'm taking today off from riding. Going to focus on kicking up the mileage during hte week and the long ride on the weekends. I'm going to try and incorporate some more hills as well.
If your bike needs adjustments to fit properly you may not realize how it's harming your body until you spend some serious time in the saddle. So doing some longer rides prior to an event can often point out some of those problems. Always try to train on similar terrain as the real event.