look pedal noise



My look pedals have started to make a sqeeking noise. I believe it could be the friction between the pedal plate and shoe - my cyclestore guy says this is normal, but fails to give me a solution. The squeeking is driving me nuts!!!
Keep on rollin!
Yep, mine do the same. Clean the cleats properly and then smear a thin layer of chain lube (any household oil will do) on the pedal contact plate, not too much tho, just a thin layer. This works for me.
If you are rich you can replace them!

Seems to happen when that rubber insert wears away and the plastic cleat rubs against the shiny aluminium.

Alternatively you can buy Time pedals and shoes - definiteky the way to go ;)
I had the same problem and this is what I did. I used shoe glue, the runners use to stick their "tekkies" sole back again, and put it underneath my cycling shoe soles. I also rub some of that on the pedal contact point. The glue on my shoe soles prevent me from slipping on the road when walking and it also feel as if my shoe and pedal "join" when my feet is clipped in. It's a thin layer, doing it with my finger.