Looking at Cycle-Cross bike to replace Car


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Aug 1, 2011
Hello all,

I'm looking at leaving my car in the driveway and switching to biking exclusively for all travel Monday to Friday. I don't do the weekends b/c I usually take the kids, wagon's, family, etc...

I'm currently ridding a Motobecane 600 HT. I've been riding it to work when weather permits and have lost tons of weight, the wife is liking what she sees. I cant tell you how much I LOVE ridding to work and around town. My thought's though are to switch to a rodie as the speeds are better and can travel longer distances. Currently I'm logging 50 miles round trip to work, and usually do 30- 60 miles on weekends. I'm looking at the Scattante X-330 Cyclocross Bike. I think I'd prefer a cyclocross b/c it's got the screw's on the back of the frame to put in the saddle bag's and such to use as a commuter. Plus the frame is supposed to be stronger and able to take more punishment. The Scattante is a Performance Bike brand, has sora componets (figure after about a year will have to change them). I've never ridden on a rodie before and am hoping the larger tires then street slicks will help with the learning curve.

Any comments/suggestions etc... are welcome


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