Looking for a birthday present for the wife

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by thepaulson, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Jun 29, 2011
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    Hi All,
    I am completely ignorant about bikes, but eager to learn. In particular, I wish to buy my wife a decent bike for her birthday. I'm looking for something under $200 that could potentially haul a baby trailer. I'm open to any and all recommendations, including suggestions for used bikes. I appreciate your help.

    Thanks much,

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    Sorry Paulson, but I don't think that you are going to find a really good bike for under $200 unless you go used and then find a really killer deal on Craig's List. You might find a very low end bike at your big box store but they are usually extremely heavy, cheaply made, and prone to malfunction. They tend to fall out of adjustment frequently, which is a good thing if you are a wannabe bike mechanic. But bicycles are one of the things where you really get what you paid for. A decent entry level bike is going to run you around $800. A fitting will run around $100 more, and then there is the helmet, cycling shorts and jerseys. And baby trailers aren't cheap either, but they can be had for $200 - $300 at a yard sale, unless you live in NW Arkansas where I have it on good authority (BHOFM) that they can be had for $1.00.
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    Paulson? In my opinion, IF you are on level ground, and IF you are hauling a baby trailer,

    weight of the bike does not matter, as you are only going eight miles an hour or so at most,

    if you care for the baby. IF you are on level ground, a low-geared, steel cruiser bike would be cheap and fine.

    I got a two hundred dollar Sun-brand cruiser years ago, it now belongs to a poor friend, who rides it daily.

    It is no trouble to him at all and is as strong as an ox and has no temperament, and could be gotten used for little money,

    as could most any used, single speed bike. This is just an option, suggested. If you want a 24 speed baby hauler,

    I'd get three wives and gear them individually, 8sp. each, so that when one wife gets tired, she can ride with baby, and

    there would always be a third wife trotting next to the baby trailer to catch baby in case of a bad bounce.


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    A second-hand Trek Multi-Track from the '90s in pristine condition that is as close to "unused" as possible is a good choice. You can probably get one for about $100 if you look around a bit. The 700 was at the base of the model hierarchy and the 750 was at the top. Other steel hybrids of similar quality are also a good bet, and can be purchased reasonably if you keep your eyes and ears open. Just make sure everything is in order...you can "google" what to look for in a used bicycle if you have any questions.