Looking for a new urban mountain bike...any advice appreciated.


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Jul 20, 2013
Hey guys...new to the forum. I'm 31 years old 6'1" 185lbs. I'm in good shape and like ride a couple of times a week. I live in the city so most of my riding is on the street but I do occasionally ride trails. I would say 80% street. I do a lot of curb jumping. Trying to bunny hop over anything I can find.

My current bike is a Diamondback response sport. I bought it awhile ago (~7 years). I love this bike but I've had it so long and I think i'm ready for an upgrade. I'll tell you what I like about it and what I don't and would love to hear some recommendations on bikes.

I really like small framed mountain bikes. My current bike is a 16" frame. I remember going to the store and the guy said I should get a bike with a large frame but for some reason liked the really small frame.

What I like about my bike: Frame is super strong. I like the geometry of the frame. I like the handlebars and their position. I like the pedal to ground clearance. Hardtail.

What I don't like: Bike is really heavy. Suspension is ok at best. Not sure if I like the disc brakes.

I think when I bought the bike I paid $375 for it. I'm looking for something in the $400-$650 range. I really would like a lighter bike. That's the main thing. Also better front suspension that's easy to lockout for the road.

So if anyone has any recommendations on bikes I should look at please let me know.

Also I've considered, since I like this bike so much, just upgrading the parts on my current bike. Not sure how I could drop much weight but I could get new forks and take the disc brakes off and install the V brakes ( looks like there is a spot to attach them).

Would I be better off upgrading what I have or getting something new?

On a side note I also have a trek series 6 mountain bike that I won in a raffle years back(raffle said value was $975 but not sure if this was inflated or not). I hate that bike. I've maybe been on it a dozen times in the last 5 years. The only thing I like about it is how light it feels compared to my DB and the suspension is really nice. I hate the 19.5" frame. I don't like how it feels to ride. I don't like the handlebar position. Also seems the pedals are low to the ground. I'm planning on selling this to fund my new bike or upgrades.

Sorry for the long post but I'm trying to cover everything at once. Any help will be appreciated.

One more side note: I can bunny hop a 10.5" wood wall I made with relative ease. I've never compared this to other people. Is that pretty decent for a mountain bike?

I'm going to raise it to 12" tomorrow and see if I can get that. I'm wondering if a lighter bike and more practice would let me get to the 1.5' range.


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Jun 10, 2004
Sandy New said:
Hi, Bro, how about Time Trial bike? 
Hey, bro. Did you even read his post? Does it sound like he's looking for a freaking time trial bike?