Looking for a slightly-above-entry level machine for my new race bike.


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Jun 23, 2007
I have narrowed my search down to a few bikes in particular, but I am open to suggestions and criticism. I am looking for a bike in the 1000-1300 dollar price range and I have been looking at a few bikes:

The Cannondale CAAD 9 (that is if I bought one with the lowest level of components)
I have not test ridden one yet. Does anyone have any input on this bike? I am considering it because I think Cannondales are some of the best-looking bikes out there. I like standard-geometry frames, and I have heard they are extremely stiff and light for aluminum.

The Felt F85/Felt F75
I test-rode the F75, and although the components were nice and shifting was snappy, the quality of the ride felt no nicer than my Motobecane aluminum frame. I was underwhelmed.

The Specialized Roubaix
Even the 2007 model that was on sale was a little above my price range and it had cheaper parts than the Felt, but the ride quality was so amazing I'd almost save up for it. It felt more like I was riding a mountain bike! This bike was literally more comfortable in running shorts than my Record is in bike shorts. I know this for certain because it had the exact same Specialized saddle that I currently use. However, The compact geomety left me high up over the cockpit. I am young enough not to have to worry about back problems yet, and I like being stretched out low over a long geometry bike... So I would certainly buy a longer stem and cut the steerer tube if I got this one.

The Motobecane Immortal Pro
Obviously I can't test-ride this bike, but the looks are decent, the components are impossible to beat at that price, and I am not altogether displeased with my current MB.

The salesman in the bike shop where I rode the Felt trashed MB, saying he could feel the frame flex when he rode one, but that sounds like a typical elitest salesman to me...

Anyone have any other suggestions?