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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Rorschandt, Jun 1, 2003.

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  1. Rorschandt

    Rorschandt Guest

    Anyone in Massachusetts willing to let a guy try your Haluzak? I know someone there who wants a test
    ride before he buys one. Any shops that carry them in MA? Thanks.

    rorschandt-- <A HREF="mailto:p[email protected][]"

  2. Review Boy

    Review Boy Guest

    RANS and others have had occational trouble even in the days of USA production. As stated
    previously, USA built is not a guarantee of high quality. As with most products, there are differing
    levels of quality and price points and we have the right to pick and choose.

    One thing that does change when you buy a USA built recumbent is that they are usually packed
    better, and many are bench/road tested before going into the box. How many of these USA built
    recumbents do you think go out the door with dented tubes? My guess is next to none (unless the
    shipper does it).

    I've had conversations with a few mfrs who've outsourced to Taiwan. There are benefits, but also
    many headaches. I've heard comments about bringing production back to the USA from more than one mfr
    (on a smaller scale; at a higher price point).

    Luckily for us enthusiasts, we have a choice. You may pay a bit more and get a USA* built recumbent
    (Easy Racer, Rotator, Burley, Barcroft, Reynolds, Lightfoot, and others).

    My only criticism in the case of the dented top tube would be that the company QC departments need
    to open the boxes up and check the bikes before they go out (especially $1400 bikes), and dealers
    need to examine them as well.

    *So not to be our friends outside of North Amerca upset, I would consider many German, Australian
    and UK built recumbents in this same group.

    Bob Bryant http://www.recumbentcyclistnews.com
  3. Rorschandt

    Rorschandt Guest

  4. Review Boy

    Review Boy Guest

    The URL I gave you should have been: www.haluzak.com/Dealers/massachusetts.htm I don't know how I
    could have copy-and-pasted it wrong. Hmmm.

    > Original link didn't work, but you made me look harder! Thanks! rorschandt
  5. Harris Cyclery ?? - if I'm not wrong this is Good Old (sorry) Sheldon Brown. Does he carry
    recumbents now?
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