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Oct 21, 2019
So I’m relatively new to road cycling (2.5 months in). Average pace is pretty decent 20-21.5mph for 20-30 miles (solo)

at the moment I’m not interested in investing into a coach but I’m pretty much clueless on how to schedule training. Getting a power meter soon to figure out my ftp but not sure how I will use that data to improve.

Does anyone have any know-how or tips on how to make a schedule that would fit for my level of rider. My goal would be to bring up distance and endurance up to 50 mile rides and keep the same speed up the whole time.

also might be important to mention I’m around 19 and 110lbs. Not really needing much in the way of weight loss and I’m getting to my prime. I don’t struggle with anything in particular I just am looking to improve overall.

last couple rides:
20 miles @21.1mph (most recent)
16.8miles @20.4 mph
31.30 miles @ 19.4 mph
16.7 miles @21.5mph
29.50 miles @20.4mph
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Hi, it would be good to come up with some structure of training, it will help you and your body to adapt to specific workouts and track progress.

Example week:

Monday - OFF
Thursday - Endurance/Tempo/Threshold
Wednesday - Easy Endurance
Thursday - Threshold/VO2 max
Friday - OFF
Saturday - Intervals, Neuromuscular Power, Anaerobic Capacity
Sunday - Long Endurance

It is good to start with FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Test https://cyklopedia.cc/cycling-tips/what-is-ftp-in-cycling/
set up your zones https://cyklopedia.cc/cycling-tips/heart-rate-zones-and-power-zones/ and here is more about TSS (Training Stress Score) to have a better understanding how much training you should do https://cyklopedia.cc/cycling-tips/what-is-training-stress-score-tss-cycling/ I hope it helps a little, let me know if you have more questions.
Training is important everywhere. For example, students need to train in writing (even I need to use different educational platforms like Edusson to edit my papers), and cyclists need to spend a lot of time on cardio training. Very well train athlete can spend even 2 hours around his FTP level. It is good if you can handle 2 x 20 minutes intervals at your Functional Threshold Power. Remember that you can spend just minutes being over your threshold and much longer being below it. That is the way it is so important to increase as high as possible.
My suggestion is to get a copy of Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Andy Coggan. I think it's about $15 on Amazon and it answers all of your questions. BTW, if you have a trainer you might also want to consider the MAP test to establish your aerobic fitness. One benefit of the MAP test is that it's quick and easily repeatable. I'm sure you will find a number of threads here that discuss the MAP test. Personally, I use both FTP and MAP tests on a recurring basis.
Hello Dear, As a writer at academic firm, I just giving you personal opinion I think your time planning is not perfect so this is why you are facing issues. Now, you should divide the time in proper balance and I hope you will get a good result and If your problems not be solved so you must hire a professional trainer who can provide you good assistance.
Bit of a quick update. It’s been a hot minute since I made this post and I have around 6k miles under my belt.

I realized I was overestimated my zones in the original post most likely do to tail winds and downhills XD. I understand a bit more how this works but I wouldn’t say I’m that much faster. Just kinda fast.

I’m easily doing longer rides at higher speeds (see post) and sticking to a pretty structured training plan. Averaging 200 miles a week now.

haven’t bought a power meter but from estimates my ftp is 4+ w/kg.

I appreciate all the help received in this post back when I had no clue what to do.


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