Looking for Bike & Sail partners


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Jul 5, 2009
Hi I’m Gaby,
My biking group is organizing a Bike & Sail trip in Turkey and we’re looking for bikers who are up for new adventures.

The idea is a trip that combines mountain biking and cruising in a wood-made sailboat (Gulet) in western Turkey.

We’re planning to rent an all-included Gulet that carries our entire equipment and follows us to meeting points at the end of the trail. We plan to cover about 20-40 kms per day, during 5 days of the week. The remaining 2 days are left for chilling out and touring the area.
Having a “floating hotel” follow us around makes the trip a whole lot better, especially when our group of friends is the only one staying there…

The trip is scheduled for 17-24 August.

Here is the route plan:
Classic Cruises - Bike & Sail

Please reply if you are interested.